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Whyte Glenduro

Our first annual Whyte Glenduro is upon us! Are you in?

This race is a multi-stage enduro race with a 3 or 5 stage option: Frothing for the hard stuff or keen to have fun and tackle your first enduro.

  • 3-Stage Have-a-go-duro- 3 trails of grade 3-4 with 22km + vertical 550m. 
  • 5-Stage Whyte Glenduro same as above plus additional grade 4 & 5 stages. Total  30km  +  950 vertical m



Date: Saturday 20 March 2021,  

Location: Bike Glendhu, Glendhu Bay, Wanaka, NZ

SCHEDULE: Final schedule will be announced nearer the time, but count on the following:

FRIDAY 19th March: Registration & Practice Day. Park open to public 9am-7pm

SATURDAY 20th March:

  • 9am-9.30am Registration
  • 9:45am Race Briefing
  • 10am Race start for 5-Stage 
  • 10:30 Race start for 3-Stage

SPECTATORS: Bike Glendhu will be open to the public on race day, trail closures will be in place throughout the day. Spectators will need to be on a bike with a trail pass as there is no pedestrian access in the park.




REGISTRATION IS FULL. If you’d like to sign up for the waitlist, you can do so here.

You’ll then be taken to our Bike Glendhu webshop to pay for your entry online.

**Please do this straight away as your online entry is not confirmed until you have paid in full and received a confirmation from us.**

COST: $40 entry for all ages 

Add ons

  • $15 for a trail pass, unless you’re a season pass holder
  • $35 for Whyte Glenduro event T-shirt

Registration closes: Thursday 18th March at 12pm

No on-the-day registrations

Entries limited to 120 across the field

Please note that merchandise can not be refunded if it has already gone to print, but we will post this to you if you do not turn up.




The Serious AF (Expert) category- This is the true race for the Whyte Glenduro so select this category if you want to do more than just ride with a number plate. It’s all in, for all ages from 14 up. There will be a full podium awarded, places 1st to 3rd.

The Chill AF age categories are for those keen on the more casual approach to racing with a number plate. There will only be a prize awarded to the winner of each age category (no 2nd/3rd place).

The Digital Division- is the E-bike category, for both the 3 & 5 stage races. The E-bikers start together with the other riders and fit in around normal riders. There will only be prizes for the overall in women and men. 

Groms- aged 12-13 can only race in the 3-Stage Have-a-go-duro.   They must ride with a guardian, who is not racing, and who must register for the event under the category ‘Guardian’,  There can be 1 adult to max 2 Groms. Please be aware that they will need to be able to get to Falcons Nest. 

The Minimum age for entry is 12 years as of race date 20 March 2021.

Age groups are based on rider age on the date of the race 20 March 2021

5-Stage Whyte Glenduro 

  • Serious AF (Expert) women (14+ yrs)
  • Serious AF (Expert) men (14+ yrs)
  • Chill AF Masters women (40+ yrs)
  • Chill AF Masters men (40+ yrs)
  • Chill AF Open women (20-39 yrs)
  • Chill AF Open men (20-39 yrs)
  • Chill AF youth women (14-19 yr)
  • Chill AF youth men (14-19 yr)
  • Digital division- men
  • Digital division- women

3-Stage Have-a-go-duro

  • Masters women (40 + yrs )
  • Masters men (40 + yrs )
  • Open women (20-39 yrs)
  • Open men (20-39 yrs)
  • Youth men (14-19 yrs)
  • Youth women (14-19 yrs)
  • Grom (12-13 yrs) boy
  • Grom (12-13 yr)s girl
  • Guardian for Grom 
  • Digital division- men
  • Digital division- women




Timing System– QMTBC System

Time– you have 5hrs to complete course

Distances & Elevation

5-Stage Whyte Glenduro: 30km, 950m

Stage 1- Monsoon Hoon into Adze up decent
Stage 2- Upper Baywatch to Boulders Cross
Stage 3- Dark Matter into Methane train
Stage 4- Monsoon Hoon into Rocky Borrow
Stage 5- Jairolla into Lower Hare time

3 Stage have-a-go duro: 22km, 550m
Stage 1- Monsoon Hoon into Adze up decent
Stage 2- Upper Baywatch to Boulders Cross
Stage 5- Jairolla into Lower Hare time

Racers must use the same bike for the whole race, take enough food, drink and spares to keep you going. No outside help except at tech station.

There will be water, fruit & lollies at the tech station (no charge) and some tools along with limited tubes/spares (available at a cost.)

Course details will be released & marked from Thursday evening then the course is open for practice on Friday

Helmets mandatory at all times, open face helmets are allowed, full face and knee pads recommended for 5-stage Whyte Glenduro. 

Transfers from one special stage to another are not timed and there are no time limits 

Bring other clothing and gear depending on conditions and for looking after yourself and your bike.




If you’re keen to volunteer we would love a hand. We’ll give you a free t-shirt and lunch, treats and a day pass to be used/ gifted on another day this season. You’ll be part of a great team that delivers our inaugural enduro event. Fill in an online registration form here.




The race will run rain or shine. In the incredibly unlikely event of having to cancel the race, no refund will be provided.

If either you can’t make it due to COVID 19 restrictions at our borders, or if there is a re-emergence in NZ of COVID 19 cases forcing us to cancel the event, we will refund your entry fee in full.

If you need to pull the pin, refunds available until 16th March 2021 less $10 admin fee.