Park Status

We have an opening date!

Photo cred: Jay French

The time has come. Finally. We have an opening date.

As you are aware we got a little bit held up by the rain in December, and by the time we caught up again, Christmas and New Year smacked us square in the face. Then of course there were some jobs that just “popped up”.

The wee gems that make up our trail, ops, rental and retail teams have been working away on the trails over the break and we’re so close! We have had ‘team dynamite’ out blasting some rocks away that were blocking the climbing trail, so this will be all tidied and smoothed this week so we can access the Falcon’s Nest again (the summit of the park) Hooray!

But all chat aside, we have a confirmed opening date: Thursday 23rd January (and just to be clear, that is 2020).

We’re referring to it as a “feather soft” opening, and in the name of managing expectations – it’s not perfect yet. We still have a few I’s to dot and t’s to cross before we are the ‘world class’ operation we are striving to be, but we’re desperate to get you guys out on the trails and show off that incredible view.

Also of utmost importance, the café will be up and running so there will be coffee and food to wet your whistle and fill your belly. We’re excited to announce our café partner later this week, we think you’ll be very happy!

Again, we’re so stoked to have your support and massively appreciate your patience while we waded our way through the google docs, white board, notebook and post-it-note lists. It’s pretty satisfying to see the jobs get crossed off, but not as satisfying as it’s going to be seeing people pedal out into the park – whoop!

See you all soon!