Park Status

Trail update

We have both Dirt Dynamics and Elevate out on site at the moment, great to have them back.

Dirt Dynamics are currently working on the down section of Kākāriki Loop to open up the berms, make them wider, and more gentle for our green riders.

Elevate are starting to cut the return from the junction (where Jairolla and Hare Time meet) back to Jack’s Spot for easier lapping.

Following that we are looking to dig a tech blue. It will be a banger of a trail heading off from the bottom of the already epic-to-ride Monsoon Hoon. This line opens up exciting new country and means Monsoon Hoon can stay open later into the evening, as there will be another option home from Stags Point.

Currently from Stags you need to either head to Falcons (the summit), or take black trail Methane Train, so this new route will be great for those not ready for Methane Train but want the joy of riding Monsoon Hoon and looping back to Jacks.

Amped for this one.

Back when it was warm and dry! Pic: Jay French