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How To: Trail Progression at Bike Glendhu

New to Bike Glendhu? Or even to mountain biking, in general? Well, we are here to help your progression through the trails.

The grading system of green, blue and black is a helpful key. But we thought we’d go a step further and give you a wee description of each of our trails, so you can work out where to find your next riding challenge.



Kakariki Loop: If you’re a beginner rider, or just feel like taking it easy and avoiding obstacles or surprises, this is a great place to start. Long, smooth and scenic. Don’t discount her though; Kakariki is still a mountain bike trail, so it’s heaps more fun than a gravel footpath.

Matt and Gary/Family Loop: from Jack’s Spot, you can do a very easy loop down the top half of Matt and Gary. This is short loop has an easy climb trail back to Jack’s, so you can do it over and over, building your confidence each run.



Jairolla: One of the most popular trails at BG, Jairolla is a smooth ride, featuring small rollers and jumps, but with no big surprises. If you want, you can keep your wheels on the ground the whole way – or start practicing getting them off the ground!

Fern Berms: The lowest of our trails, Fern Berms drops you down to the Fern Bern river trail, which leads you back to base. Just watch the second last corner if you are a novice rider, as it can be a big turn if you’re not comfortable riding up on the berm wall yet. Remember, there’s no shame in walking!

After getting comfortable with these blues on the lower mountain, head up the climbing trail Switch it Up and start progressing on the upper mountain. Follow to The Crossing where you will find…

Lower Baywatch: A fast, fun and flowy trail with a few rollers and small table top jumps, plus some bigger berms that zig zag you back down to Jack’s Spot. This is your step up from Jairolla and Fern Berms.

Vol. 2: Vol. 2 is our newest blue baby! It’s similar to The Rocky Borrow Show (see below) and includes some fun, rocky features mixed in with a classic BG flow trail. As a brand new track, the dirt is in prime condition.

Alternatively from The Crossing, you can follow

Monsoon Hoon: A fast, smooth trail with nothing too challenging, but whipping through native bush which makes you really feel how fast you are going. This will take you to Stags Point.

From Stags Point there are 3 options, The Rocky Borrow Show (blue), Methane Train (black), or ADZE UP (blue climbing trail).

ADZE UP is the easiest of the three. Starting with a short flowy downhill section with some rollers and big berms, it continues to climb around the back of the hill past stunning views of the Mototapu River, Treble Cone and the Matukituki Valley. Don’t forget your waterbottle for this ride as it’s a long trail that loops all the way up to the summit of Bike Glendhu; Falcons Nest. From the top there is one blue trail down.

Riding Adze Up at Bike Glendhu

Baywatch: The full Baywatch trail is long, flowy and takes you all the way down to Jack’s Spot. With big berms, rollers, small table tops, and an optional rock garden – this trail has it all. If you’re an intermediate rider and love trails that have a bit of everything, Baywatch top to bottom is an absolute must-do! (Not to mention the epic view from the top).

Riding Baywatch at Bike Glendhu

The Rocky Borrow Show: Instead of going up Adze Up, you might choose to try The Rocky Borrow Show from Stags Point instead. Rocky Borrow is a great introduction into riding rock rolls. Mostly a flowy trail with nice berms, it offers some exciting rolls, which are great to tackle for anyone not familiar with riding rock.

Back down at Jack’s Spot, progress into some of our more challenging blues.

Curly Sweep: A flow trail with rollers and table top jumps. If you’ve conquered Baywatch, then you should have had plenty of practice to ride this comfortably.

Riding Curly Sweep at Bike Glendhu

Out Of Shape: At the bottom of Curly Sweep, cut left for this fun flowy trail stacked with big smooth berms and large, but easy rollers.

Cajun Spice: The continuation from Out of Shape, but is a jump up in difficulty. The berms get bigger, the jumps get sendier (it’s a word), and the riding gets faster. This trail is amazing when you find your flow, it can just take some practice to get comfortable letting off the brakes around the corners and clearing all of the jumps. A true flow trail where keeping your speed up is the name of the game.

Hare-Time: An all-time favourite for anyone that loves airtime. 1.8km of non-stop table tops, hip jumps and rollers. This is still a blue trail, and all jumps are table tops, so you can work on it bit-by-bit until you link the whole trail together.

Riding Hare-Time at Bike Glendhu

Don’t Look Down: An alternative to Fern Berms to get down to the river and back to Base, this trail offers a more challenging option. Don’t Look Down is a flow trail with tabletop jumps and big fast berms, and has a short section of exposure that you most definitely do not want to fall off!



Methane Train: If you’re ready to progress to a black trail, start on Methane Train. From Stags, this trail starts with a fast section of corners, lips, rock hops and rollers you can gap. Further down, there are some larger rock drops and rolls. A favourite among those riding the black trails regularly at the park.

Dark Matter: Dark Matter starts with a compulsory rock drop/roll, around a corner, and into another rock roll section. It then goes into the native bush and navigates tighter, steeper corners and boulders to dodge or pop off. The trail ends at Stags Point.

The Black Pearl: The Black Pearl is the most advanced trail on the mountain. Riders should have expert bike handling skills that they’re able to link quickly between features. Sections include off-camber grassy slopes, so make sure to follow your nose and stay on-course.

Methane Train – From Stags, this trail starts with a fast section of corners, lips, rock hops and rollers you can gap. Further down there is some larger rock drops/rolls. A favourite among those riding the black trails regularly at the park.


We always have more trails in the works, so keep an eye out for new rides this season!

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