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That update we’ve been promising..!

Ah, spring. Lambs are here, the wind is blowing and we promised you a bike park.

The last time we spoke we blamed paperwork for the delay, and that was (and is) the case. But NEW NEWS: the building permit AND consent variation are both through – there is a light at the end of the tunnel! So that means we are full steam ahead and are looking to open our doors (or gates…) late December. This will be a soft opening, not the bells & whistles fan-fare we had hoped, but the main thing is, you will be out riding the trails. 

Pic: Jay French

Yup, you’ll be pleased to know that while we were mucking about with bullet points and page numbers, the trail boys have been passionately working away getting the trails ready for you to ride. And Jay from Freeride has been on site snapping some sweet pics to show you what’s on offer!

So here is everything we can tell you about riding at Bike Glendhu:

The planned season is 10 months; we’ll be closed for maintenance June & July. This is dependent on autumn conditions – we want to stay open if the trails are still rideable and the snow hasn’t arrived, so we’ll keep you up to date on this as we go.

The longer it’s light – the longer we stay open. So look forward to balmy evening rides throughout summer.  

A season pass will give you 10 months riding (if we stay open, it’ll keep swiping). An any-time season pass will be $299. There will be early bird passes for a limited time, and if you’re a Bike Wanaka member then your pass will be $199. So you should probably join here and we’ll hook you up with some other sweet deals throughout the season as a reward.

Obviously we’ll be into the season when we open so when you purchase your pass this year you’ll get a bit of a ‘sorry we’re tardy’ discount on the above prices using the code BG2019 – so share it around!

We’ll open with 30km+ of trail. Green, blue & black; flow and hand built. You may have seen some pics of our sweet, sweet jump line floating around too  – it’s hella fun to ride! Check out our social media for sneak peaks of the wee gems the team have created, with more trail to come in 2020. Our pump track is on schedule to be completed also – it’ll be situated down near the base building for easy access and a tonne of fun!

Pic: Oscar Hetherington

We’ll have bikes for hire including e-bikes – yes, e-bikes are very welcome at Glendhu – supplied by the legends at Whyte Bikes. There is a cafe in the works, likely opening in 2020. We’ll get more info on that as soon as possible as we’re looking forward to sharing a post-ride brew with you! But in the meantime there will be snacks for you to purchase, never fear. We also have a rad team of coaches out here who can show you a trick or two to make sure you make the most of the trail network, and get up to enjoy that view. Or they can just show you around.

We understand that you’re probably not going to remember all this radical news in one hit, so keep an eye out for our new website, launching very, very soon. It’ll have everything you need to know, the prices, the pics, the news, the views… everything.

We hope this got you a wee bit excited about what is in store out at Glendhu. Your patience and support is hugely appreciated – we are amped and can’t WAIT to show you around.