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Rocky Borrow Show Review: Our New Tech Blue Trail

Have you heard the news? There’s a new blue in town and well, it’s pretty rad. Our trail team has been hard at work through the spring and summer and we assure you, there was no stone goes unturned when it came to this trail. 

This trail is a fun and technical blue perfect for intermediate riders who are looking to progress from our blue flow trails like Jairolla and Matt and Gary. If you haven’t had a to chance to get out and pedal this beauty, you’re in for a treat. Here’s what to expect.

This trail has some tight berms and plenty of rock rolls.

Rocky Borrow Show trail description:

RBS is classified as a Grade 4 trail with plenty of technical sections plus a good chunk of flow. The trail has tight berms, rock rolls, jumps and drops. There are option line choices for all features and the rider will need to consider line choice to ride it smoothly and ride it fast. After the first few rock rolls, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a small uphill climb because who doesn’t love a bit of climb in the middle of a downhill?! 

After your short climb, you’ll be straight into some more rock rolls and drops before finishing the track with cruise climb back to Jack’s via the 4WD track. 

A brief uphill climb towards the middle of the trail.

Who Should Ride it:

This trail is great for intermediate riders looking to progress from our blue flow trails. As always, the best way to approach the trail is to take your time and scope out your lines. With any new trail, we always recommend Pre-ride, Re-ride and then finally Free Ride. 

Plenty of options for jumps but all features have optional line choices.

How to get there:

The Rocky Borrow Show is part of the upper mountain so you need to first make your way to Jack’s Spot then climb up Switch It Up to The Crossing. From here, you’ll drop down Monsoon Hoon (Intermediate Flow). You’ll see the sign for RBS to your left and if you’ve gotten to Stag’s Point, you’ve gone too far.

One of the bigger drops in the trail.

Trail Conditions:

Now for a little education on trail surfaces. We know! But it’s actually interesting, and will help you manage your rage when some of our trails are closed. 

If you’ve been out to ride in the past few weeks you may have noticed that RBS was closed. Just like you wouldn’t take a puppy out for a 15km jog, new baby trails need some extra attention and caution to ensure they bed in and run well for years to come. 

Most of our trails are not in tree cover meaning there isn’t that extra protection or tree roots to absorb the water. However our genius trail teams have impressive knowledge of how this hill operates, have created drainage systems that means although to we need to shut trails in heavy rain, we can open them again pretty smartly as the water drains so quickly. 

When bikes are ridden on wet trails, the heavy bikes leave tyre marks on the trails so when those trails dry, the tyre marks turn in to ruts which not only means an average riding experience, but it means we need to close trails for maintenance – which takes waaaay longer than drainage!

Some flowy berms to round it out.

We all know how frustrating it can be when you’re stoked to get on a new trail and come all the way out only to find the trail is closed. In a perfect world, the trails would always be in perfect condition and everyone could ride bikes forever! But, that’s not reality so as our new blue trail settles into the trail family at Bike Glendhu, we hope you can be patient for the sake of long-lasting bomber trails. If you’re ever in doubt about the trail conditions, you can click this handy little link here which is updated whenever a change is made at the park. It’s your best option if you want fast answers. 

If you’ve tried out the Rocky Borrow Show, drop us a line and let us know what you think. See you soon!