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Your MTB pre-season checklist

Rain got you down? We know the feeling. Luckily, good things are on the horizon. Opening day is just weeks away and soon enough, the doors will be open and we’ll be back to shredding trails and enjoying some cold brews in the beer garden.

It’s crunch time to opening day and if you’re feeling underprepared, we have just the thing. Here’s our tried and tested pre-season checklist to get you prepped and ready for bike season.


Dust off your wheels

We know, we know. The snow this year has been pretty epic, so we won’t judge you too much if you’re trusty two-wheeled steed has been a bit neglected during the colder months. Soon enough, the snow will be melting and the hero dirt will be calling.

You should get your bike serviced at least once a year and keep an eye out for any ongoing maintenance needed in between. But if you’re just looking for a quick spruce up for springtime, here’s what we recommend checking before the trails open up.

Give ‘er a clean!

We use Krush Premium Bike Wash to give our bikes a good deep clean with a soft cleaning brush. Pay special attention to greasy components like the chain, chainrings, cassette, pedals, and brakes. Don’t be afraid to get into the nooks and crannies with a toothbrush!

Check your brakes

Making sure your bike can brake properly is a pretty crucial element of mountain biking, so double check your brakes and look for any signs of damage or wear.

Lube up

A wet and damp winter can wreak havoc on your bike and not keeping your components lubed makes it easy for dirt and moisture to penetrate and cause long-term problems. After you give your bike a good wash, be sure to lube up!

Bike mechanics not really your thing? We get it. We’re lucky to have a handful of epic local bike shops in town that can give you a full service and look after your bike.

Our own workshop at the park will be open and ready for business on our 2022 opening day, so pop into the shop to have a chat with our mechanics or book in for a springtime service.


Stretching and Strengthening

Biking and skiing go hand in hand when it comes to complementary cross training (they both help build thunder thighs!), but before jumping into bike season full steam ahead, it might be good to ease into it and prepare with a few stretches and exercises.

Your legs are your powerhouse when it comes to biking, so if you haven’t been bombing down the ski hills, you might start with some Bulgarian Split Squats to help prep your glutes and quads. Planks are great to help build your core muscles, which are responsible for keeping you balanced on the bike and bringing some power to the legs. Don’t forget the lower back! Supermans and Bridge Pose will help strengthen your lower back which can help keep you comfortable in the saddle for longer.

It’s not all about strength though. Stretching is just as important as strengthening. Cycling requires repetitive actions with a limited range of motion so, over time, your muscles shorten, especially in the hips and quads. (We all know mountain bikers are famous for having tight hips!). To counteract this, try some hip openers like Pigeon Pose or Child’s Pose.

The quadriceps are a group of muscles along the front of the thigh and are often super developed in cyclists, meaning they are prone to fatigue and cramping. A simple standing quad stretch or kneeling quad stretch will help loosen up this massive group of muscles.


Update your kit

Opening Day is like the adult version of your first day of school. It’s a great time to refresh your kit and show off your new digs. Our mates at Mons Royale will have a fresh drop of summer gear, so keep your eyes peeled for some updated favourites and some new gear altogether! If you haven’t cottoned on to the magical power of merino wool, give it a go. It might just blow your mind.


Get your Early Bird Season Pass

Time is ticking on Early Bird Season Pass prices. Right now you can get your Season Pass for just $349, but these prices won’t be around forever. Grab yours before prices go up!

We’ve bulked out the Season Pass with heaps of perks this year including 10% off at Velo Café, 10% off of Van Shuttles all Season long, a 50% off Buddy Pass for a mate, plus heaps more.

With opening day just weeks away, we’ve got nine long, glorious months of riding ahead of us, so you’ve got plenty of time to make the most of a pass.