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We take fun seriously

Park Safety

We take fun seriously out here at Bike Glendhu, closely followed by safety.

We’ve compiled a few hot tips for you below that will allow you to have an epic (and safe!) time during your ride at the park.

Know before you go

Look after your lid

Helmets are compulsory when riding in the park. We know it can get hot and steamy on those uphill stints, but helmets are a non-negotiable piece of kit. 


Fuel up

Don’t let ‘hanger’ get the best of you out on the trails. Whether you’re out to smash some fast laps or headed for the summit, pocket snacks are never a bad idea. There are re-fill stations for water at both our base building (Base 334) and our mid-station (Jack’s Spot) to keep you hydrated, make sure you bring a vessel! 


Slip, slop, slap n’ wrap. 

Nothing beats a scorching Central Otago summer day. We’re still a few years away from getting any shade from our young native plant babies, so make sure you slap on some sunscreen before heading out into the park and consider light-weight long sleeves to protect you from the sun. 


Gear blowout? 

It happens to the best of us. While it’s good to carry some basic repair tools with you no matter where you’re riding, we do have some resources available for you out in the park. You can find a pump and some other bits and pieces for quick fixes up at Jack’s Spot. If you have a huge issue, we also have a mechanic on-site down in our base workshop that can usually help you out. Give us a holla if you get stuck somewhere and we’ll do our best to get you back riding in no-time. 


Accidents & emergencies

Bike Glendhu is not “patrolled” and there is no medical centre on-site, so things operate a little differently to your local ski field. During our operational hours, we will always have a minimum of one PHEC-qualified responder available and they are trained to get you out of the park safely and on to higher care if needed. 

If you have an accident and need assistance, please call in to 021 2453 334. If you need emergency medical assistance, please dial 111 before calling our crew in the park so that we can get the help you need to your location as quickly as possible.  


The dark side

Around the backside of the park, as you climb to the summit and in some spots along Rocky Borrow and Methane Train, there is no cell phone coverage. Keep this in mind as you’re heading into these spots, it can be a good idea to tell someone where you’re headed if you’re riding solo. 


Ride what you know, bro. 

We’re all for progression, but here’s a quick induction to how the grading system works on our trails to ensure you don’t get stitched up on your first lap. 

Green is our easiest riding, think flowy but gentle. A step up from this, blue is our bread and butter at Glendhu, we love a good flow trail and have a solid handful of beaut blues to keep you busy. Within this range, there are some more jump orientated lines and some with a bit of tech. Read the signs at the start of the trail to give you a better clue of what you’re in for. 

Lastly, we have a few more gnarly black lines. They should only be tackled if you’ve got your skills dialed because these trails include large rock features and are often in greasy condition