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Iconic Spots to Visit at Bike Glendhu

Bike Glendhu is known for its pristine mountain bike trails and epic views. There are plenty of spots around the mountain bike park where you can find legendary panoramas, but we thought we’d round up the staff favourites to soak in those vistas. Keep reading to find the best places you can stop for a breather, a snack or even a cheeky scope around Bike Glendhu, recommended by our team who know this place like the back of their hand. If you don’t know your way around Bike Glendhu’s trails, make sure to check out our trail progression blog too.

Jack’s Spot

If you didn’t already know, Bike Glendhu is situated on land farmed by John McRae’s family for generations. Jack’s Spot is named after John McRae’s grandfather, who used to sit at this clearing and take in the scenic vistas of Lake Wanaka. Seeing that it was his favourite place to be on the entire farm, we thought we’d keep the name Jack’s Spot as a homage to him.

Jack’s Spot is located in the mid-mountain area. To get there, you’ll bike up Kākāriki Climb which is a 3.6km green flow trail. It’s pretty hard to miss this rest area – once you’re there, you’ll find a picnic table, toilets, general MTB tools, a map, drinking water as well as impressive views overlooking Lake Wanaka. From here, you can either choose to continue climbing on Switch It Up or head down on one of the many blue or green trails. We’d recommend Kākāriki Down if you haven’t been here before, which is a gentle green trail that’s super family friendly too. The flow fan favourite from here has to be Jairolla, a blue trail known for flowy berms and perfect for progression or a range of abilities. If you’re keen on getting a bit of air, Hare Time has about 52 tabletop jumps along the main trail, making it perfect to feel the wind in your hair.

Colin’s Corner

After you’ve passed Jack’s Spot, you’ll continue heading upwards (if you choose) on Switch It Up. Around the halfway mark of this uphill climbing trail, you’ll find Colin’s Corner. This one was named after one of our previous board members who must’ve really liked this spot. It’s a great place to stop, catch your breath and have a drink of water. You’re also just over halfway between Jack’s Spot and The Crossing – you’re almost there!

The Crossing

After conquering Switch It Up, you’ll find yourself at The Crossing. This hub is another great place to catch your breath from the uphill climb and even gives you a few trails to drop into from there, including Lower Baywatch (1.7km blue flow trail) and The Black Pearl (one of our more technical black trails with a 615m descent). Plus, this is a major crossing point where a bunch of trails intersect. You can see into the valley below, with views of some of our MTB trails as well as Mahu Whenua, which is New Zealand’s largest private conservation project that covers 136,000 acres of land.

Stag’s Point

Stag’s Point got its name because heaps of stags used to cross through this area – it was quite common to come across them around this area! Although it’s not so common to come across them around here nowadays, you still often see their footprints in trails from them travelling in the night.

Stag’s Point is another great place to take in those epic scenic views that Bike Glendhu is so well-known for. To get here, you’ll make your way from The Crossing down Monsoon Hoon, which is an 820m blue flow trail. This is in a limited cell phone coverage area, so you’ll really be able to take in those uninterrupted views without your phone buzzing.

Adze Up

Adze Up is our backcountry climb trail which boasts unreal views up the Matukituki and out to Treble Cone Ski Area. This blue trail is 5.8km with a gentle gradient that will get you to the summit at Falcon’s Nest.

About halfway along this trail, you’ll find uninterrupted views – this is another great spot to visit at Bike Glendhu. It’s perfect for catching your breath, having a gulp of water and maybe even a snack (if that’s what you’re into).

Falcon’s Nest

Once you’ve made the climb up Adze Up, congratulations! You’ve reached the summit of Bike Glendhu, also known as Falcon’s Nest. If you haven’t picked up already, this is because of our beloved New Zealand Falcon, also known as the kārearea, which has been found nesting around here. Don’t worry though, it’s actually pretty uncommon to come across these native raptor nests up here. When you do see them, please allow them their space – we want to foster our native wildlife as much as possible. If you want to help out or read more about our sustainability focus, check out our Environmental Goals page.

Falcon’s Nest has some of the best views you’ll find at Bike Glendhu. It’s the highest elevation point of the bike park, sitting at 750m above sea level. You’ll find a picnic table and a great spot to soak in the views while you park up for a snack.

Boulders Cross

Boulders Cross got its name because this was quite a rocky spot – a few boulders needed to be blasted around this area to create our epic MTB trail network. Boulders has two trail options – carry on Baywatch or Dark Matter. This spot boasts views of the Motatapu Valley and is a great place to check in with your buddies and see which trail they fancy riding next.

Once you’ve finished up at Falcon’s Nest, choose between riding down either Upper Baywatch or The Abyss (a 625m black tech trail). When you see the top of Dark Matter (our 500m black tech trail) a.k.a. where Upper Baywatch meets Mid Baywatch, you’ve made it to Boulders Cross. This is a great spot to stop because you can have a quick rest before dropping into the next trail, plus the view is unreeeaaal (like most places at Bike Glendhu, but we’re not biased).

Base 334

Last but definitely not least, is Base 334 – some would even say this is the most iconic spot at Bike Glendhu. This is the perfect spot for your pre-ride coffee, post-ride bevvy and all the snacks in between. Our café and beer garden, Velo, is situated at Base 334 and serves up fan favourites like nachos, pizzas, cheese scones and Sanga’s Pies. You’ll start here to get your trail pass before heading up to find some hero dirt. While you’re at it, a custom BG tee might even tickle your fancy from our retail store. Plus, we’ve got a mountain bike workshop on-site here to get rid of any creaks your stead might be making.

These spots are the most iconic for the team at Bike Glendhu, but that’s just our opinion. There’s plenty of locals’ spots around the bike park too – John McRae’s favourite is parking up in the grass next to the start of Lower Baywatch. Nonetheless, the views are epic up here, just like our variety of trails. If you’re not so inclined to climb, you can always grab a Can-Am boost to the top to help you reach that glorious summit view.

Now go get some of that hero dirt, epic views and happy riding!