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How often should you service your mountain bike? Here’s the scoop:

The days are getting shorter and the weather is cooling off which means, like it or not, autumn riding is officially upon us. Your trusty steed has likely seen a long season of hard riding on dry and dusty trails and as we transition into cooler and wetter weather, your bike will have a whole new series of conditions to work with.

Maintaining your bike is a lot like maintaining a car. The more frequent the maintenance, the less likely it is that you’ll have costly repairs and a huge headache down the road. Our mechanics at Bike Glendhu are some of the best in the business and have helped transform our workshop into the go-to spot for quick fixes or full services. 

We checked in with Bike Glendhu head mechanic Alex Kingsley to walk us through what type of services are offered and how to navigate the complex world of bike mechanics. Here’s the scoop!

How often should you service your bike?

You bike should get a thorough service at least every year or every 100 hours of riding. This will, of course, vary on the rider, the riding conditions and the frequency of riding so you may need to tailor this to your own riding but as a general rule, get your mechanic to check over your bike at least every year. 

If something doesn’t feel or sound right, it’s best to get it looked at sooner rather than later to avoid causing secondary problems. 

How long does a bike service at Bike Glendhu take?

The team at the Bike Glendhu workshop aim to have the bike back in your care within two days (assuming parts are in stock). If parts need to be ordered, it may take longer. Once you’ve finished your ride, just leave it at the park with our mechanics and you can pick up ready to go in a few days time. We’ll look after it and keep it in storage. 

Once you bring your bike into the shop, the mechanics will assess the bike and suggest a service that might be good for it. In general, bearings, chains, brake pads and cables are the most common replacements. 

Our mechanics have created three comprehensive packages to give a wide variety of service depending on what your bike might need.

Service packages:


The Kākāriki is what we call the WOF of the service packages. Assessing overall condition of the bike, tuning and aligning the gears, brake alignment, lubing the chain, safety check of bolts, check of tire pressure and test rides. By doing these checks we can see if there is more mechanical assistance needed. The Kākāriki service is usually a piece of mind service: someone suggested you get your bike serviced so you pop into the shop to get it looked over. 

Kākāriki is a great start but if you haven’t had your bike serviced in a while, it’s likely that the mechanic will recommend further work. To put it into perspective, 95% of people who come in for Kākāriki go on to get further work recommended by the mechanic. This work could include replacing cables, brake pad replacement, etc. If you’re bringing your bike in for a Kākāriki service, don’t stress, we’ll always call you ahead of time and confirm before moving forward with any additional work. 

This is a good service if you’ve just bought a second-hand bike and want to make sure it’s in good working order before heading out for a ride. Our mechanics are able to give you a potential life span of the components (for example, if you have 50% life span left on your brakes etc.) In total, Kākāriki takes about an hour to do and no booking is required.


Jairolla is the next step up from Kākāriki. This is our most popular service and includes everything in the Kākāriki service plus more: Frame wipe down and inspection (looking for damage), gear cables and brake housing inspection, looking for wear and damage, wheel removal from the bike, wheel true and tension and adjusting hubs if needed. Brake pad replacement if needed (pads not included) and a test ride. 

This is the bread and butter service we’d recommend everyone does at least once a year. It’s a bit more in-depth than Kākāriki. The mechanics not only check over everything but also give the bike a more thorough inspection. Cables and brake pads are normally replaced under this service. 

The service takes about and hour and a half and most additional fixes can be done on the spot. This is the service you should get to keep your bike in good working order without breaking the bank.

Methane Train:

If you’re looking for an in-depth service, Methane Train is the service package for you. This package includes two different prices depending on whether you have a full suspension or a hardtail bike. 

This service will build upon Kākāriki and Jairolla with quite a few extra checks. The main differentiator between Jairolla and Methane train is the inspection of the bottom bracket, suspension pivot bearings, linkages are taken apart and checked for wear in the bearings (bearings are degreased or replaced) a full hub service, a full headset service and a Krush clean. The Krush detail clean means you’re bike will come back absolutely spotless and looking sparkling clean. 

Our mechanics recommend getting a Methane Train service every 18 months to 2 years. Even better if you can do it every 100 hours. This service takes about 3 hours and we do stock most of the components if they need replacing.

Custom Fixes:

Sometimes you don’t need a full service, just a quick fix. Our mechanics are available during our park opening hours and are usually able to get the quick fixes done in the amount of time it takes for you to have a coffee and a snack at Velo, our onsite cafe. Pop your bike in and have a chat with the mechanics to get a quote.


In addition to our three core services and quick fixes, our mechanics can also offer bike builds and bike boxing. 

Our workshop is located at the far end of our Base building and our mechanics are self-identifying bike nerds so if you’re in the area and want to chat bikes, pop in and say hi before your next ride!