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Here’s Our Family Guide to Bike Glendhu

Ahh, learning to ride a bike. One of the best core memories for both parents and kids alike. There’s something so special about sharing the trails with your kids and teaching them the joys of mountain biking. If you haven’t experienced Bike Glendhu with your kids, you’re in for a treat.

Before you go all in, there are a few tips that will help make your family day out at Bike Glendhu a day to remember.



We know it’s not easy entertaining a family with a small budget which is why we have trail pass options available to help families save. If you’re heading to the park with your kids,check out these passes:

Family Trail Pass:

Our family trail pass includes 2 adults and 2 children (ages 5-12 years old) for just $100. You can add an additional child or upgrade a child to a youth pass for just $5. The trail pass is good for the entire day, so you can have as many entries into the park as you need. If you’re planning on spending a few days at Bike Glendhu, check out the 5-day pass, 10-day pass or Season Pass for extra savings!

Parent Pass:

We introduced the Parent Pass last year for parents who wanted to split childcare and shredding with their partner. With this pass, one adult can head out for a ride while the other hangs with the kids at Base 334. When it’s time to switch, the riding parent can tag out and give the other half some trail time. The catch is you only get one ticket, so it’s the ultimate test of sharing! The Parent Pass can be purchased for $56.  

Kids under 5 are free:

Any kids under the age of 5 are free to enter the park for no charge! If you’ve got a young child who’s keen to ride their push bike or ride in the Kids Ride Shotgun Seat, feel free to bring them along for no additional cost.


The Trails

Our park was designed to have trails for all levels and we’re stoked to offer heaps of trails to help our riders progress through their mountain biking journey. Our most family-friendly trails are the Kākāriki Loop and the Family Loop, stemming from Matt & Gary. These are both green loops offering a gentle gradient and can be ridden by almost anyone. If your kids are a bit older, you might look at progressing to Jairolla next. Older kids who are confident riders will enjoy Curly’s Sweep and Hare Time.

All of our lower mountain trails start at Jack’s Spot, our on-mountain hub, which makes it easy to split off and find a trail that works for everyone.

If you’re not keen on pedalling up with a push bike or with a toddler on your handlebars, we have van shuttles that run hourly every weekend and drop you off at Jack’s Spot. This is a great option for little bikers who don’t quite have the strength for the climb, but still get a thrill from the descents.


The Gear

The park is a mountain bike park only, so there is no pedestrian access to the trails. This means everyone who goes through the gates has to be on a bike. If your kids don’t have a bike of their own, don’t sweat it. We’ve got options.

Bike hire

For the kids who are a bit taller, we have full suspension mountain bikes and e-bikes for hire with our smallest size being XS. For smaller kids, we do have a kid’s hardtail rental option available, too.

The Kids Ride Shotgun seat

For toddlers who aren’t quite ready to have their own bike, you can’t go wrong with the Kids Ride Shotgun front mount seat. This design has taken the family mountain biking industry by storm and for good reason. The front mount seat fastens onto your frame, so your toddler sits directly between you and the handlebars. These are epic wee seats and they are becoming super common with family riders at Bike Glendhu.

The tow rope

For the kids who are ready for their own bike, but don’t quite have the leg power to get all the way to Jack’s Spot by themselves, try a tow rope! These tow ropes are common for e-biking parents, but non-e-bike parents with strong legs can definitely make use of them too. The tow ropes are suitable for kids who are already confident pedalling their own bike. If an e-biking adult is doing the towing, we recommend encouraging your kid to pedal too to reduce the load on your e-bike motor.


The Food

Like most activities involving children, we know that mountain biking with young ones is 90% about the snacks. We recommend bringing some snacks up the hill, but once you’re done with your ride, our on-site café has heaps of options to refuel the fam.

Velo Cafe specializes in healthy (and delicious!) food. All meat is free-range, and each item is methodically prepared to offer the perfect combination of textures, flavours & nutritional benefits. Velo is expanding their menu this season, too! Here’s what’s new:

  • Common Ground filter coffee with optional unlimited refills 
  • Slow-cooked pulled sandwich combos on the everyday menu 
  • Fresh and healthy seasonal salads available throughout the season 
  • b.effect ‘Hopped Water’ for those legendary designated drivers
  • They’ve got all the old favs, too, like their pork pies, smoothies, Good Roots Feasting sweets, and of course, Dr Feel Good ice creams for the hot mid-summer days.

Once you’ve ordered your refreshments, enjoy the views from our beer garden, which has plenty of green space for a run-around, a sandpit and our popular free mini-pump track to keep the kids busy.


Extra Tips

Look, you know your kids better than we do, and we won’t pretend like we are the ultimate experts in parenting, but here are a few more tips that might make your day out even more epic.

Water & snacks

We have water available at Jack’s Spot, but there are no cafes past the gates, so it might be a good idea to bring plenty of snacks and drinks to keep the meltdowns at bay.


Our mountain climate means we often experience a range of weather extremes on the same day. We recommend bringing a few layers even if the weather forecast looks clear, as it can get a bit cold up the mountain if we lose the sun.

If there’s any chance of rain in the forecast, chuck a few rain jackets in the pack just in case. You’re never too far from Base but it’ll make your descent a bit more enjoyable if you can stay warm and dry.

Enjoy the park, but stay aware

We know that kids love to take their time and explore the trail, and we think that’s awesome, however, the park is still open to everyone, and we want to make it as safe as possible for all parties. If you do need to pull over in the middle of a trail, try to move off the path and keep your eyes peeled for any bikers coming down behind you. If you can stop on a long, straight stretch of trail where you’ll be visible to oncoming bikers instead of around a blind corner.

Minors policy

We know it might be tempting to drop off the kids and head to the pub or go across the road for a dip in the lake, but we do have a pretty important minors policy for the park. You can check it out here.  


Enjoy the journey

Getting outdoors with your kids is one of the best ways to spend time together, and it’s great for a child’s mental and physical health.

We know it’s not always easy, but with a little planning and preparation, you’ll be ready to tackle your family rides in no time. We can’t wait to see you out at the park this season! 

If you haven’t purchased your pass yet, don’t wait. Early Bird Season Passes are on sale now for just a few more weeks. You can get a family pass for just $849. Get yours before the prices go up!