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Here’s Are All The Perks Of Buying A Season Pass

It’s that time of year: when you can grab a season pass at the best rate during our Early Bird sale, which starts August 28 (but a little earlier for our email subscribers to say thank you). So, what’s all the hype about? Keep reading for the lowdown about season passes this year – it’s gonna be better than ever before, so get ready for an unreeeeal season.

MTB Après for Pretty Sweet Thursdays at Bike Glendhu, Wanaka NZ

More Trails Than Ever Before

39km of trails already, and plenty more to come. We’ve got a few new trails up our sleeves to roll out for this season (if you’ve been following our social channels, you might have already seen a thing or two about some of them). We’ve taken your suggestions onboard and we’re making dreams happen.

First up, Electric Avenue. Rated a Grade 3, the Avenue serves as an epic return to Jack’s Spot from Adze Up (so you can get your valley thrills, without the summit climb). It’s going to have a mix of everything – tech, flow and just a piiinch of climbing – all through brand new terrain with stunning views of End Peak and the Motatapu River. This one is located on our upper mountain, so you’ll see ‘em open when the weather is a little more balmy.

Número dos: We’ve extended Out of Shape, so instead of riding Cajun Spice back to the bottom, you’ve got two routes to pick from. Introducing Flowghan Josh – expertly built by Tom Hey and Elevate Trail Building, Flowghan Josh is the answer to all of you who can’t quiteeee clear the jumps on Cajun Spice yet. Have a hoon down the northeast trails and then make your way down to the Junction on a very Jairolla-esque track. Some of you might be thinking “another blue?!” buuut hang in there, we’ve got a few other trail developments up our sleeves for now…

Two MTB Riders at Bike Glendhu, Wanaka NZ

The Longest MTB Season in The Region

Yup, you read that right. We’re open the longest of the bike parks in this neck of the woods, so you can keep the party going riiight up until it’s time to dust those skis off (or so you can plan your holiday outside of peak times). We’ll be cranking from Friday, September 15 (and don’t forget about Opening Day Party on Saturday, September 16) right through to the beginning of June.

Kids riding MTB trails at Bike Glendhu, located in Wanaka, NZ

More Late Nights

We’ve got a long season aaaannd long days out here. We took your feedback onboard (big ups to all who contributed) – you asked, so we listened. One of the most common pieces of feedback in our end-of-season survey was that we should have more late closes, particularly for our beloved locals, who want to get out for a spin after work… So, our Operations team is making it happen!

Opening hours will change with seasonal daylight hours, so make sure to check out when we’re operating before you head out here. For now, here’s a quick overview: starting October 30, Bike Glendhu will have evening riding until 8pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays – all the way through until the beginning of March! Coming into March, as we lose daylight, we’ll bring that back to 7pm closes on those same days. In April and May, we will still have night riding on Thursdays only, as the weather allows.

Two mountain bikers riding at Bike Glendhu during golden hour

Discounts at Velo

Fancy a cold one and a feast after your ride? Velo may be a little different this year compared to last, but you’ll still be able to nab a deal as a season pass holder. Velo, meaning bike in French, is our on-site cafe where you can find everything from coffee (or beer) through to iceblocks and meals to suffice those pre- or post-ride cravings. As a season pass holder, you’ll be able to get 10% off everything at the cafe, simply by showing your pass (please note that this will not be valid in conjunction with our other sweet deals).

Velo Cafe located at Bike Glendhu Bike Park, Wanaka NZ

Get Your Mates Involved

Got a mate that hasn’t seen BG for themselves yet, and needs a little arm twisting? Season pass holders will get 50% off a 1-time Buddy Pass, so you can show them all the goodies here at Bike Glendhu – from the trails through to those epic views and of course, the après. Go on, bring your mates out for the day and show them what it’s all about!

Mechanical tips for mountain bikers

Cheaper Van Shuttles

Feeling a little lethargic? When you’re not up for a climb, you can always get a ride on our shuttle instead. Better yet, season pass holders get 10% of van shuttles throughout the whole 2023.24 season, saving that precious energy for getting the wind in your hair on the trails. More laps for less mahi!

MTB Van Shuttles to Jack's Spot at Bike Glendhu Bike Park, Wanaka NZ

And Let’s Be Honest, It Beats The Gym Any Day

Tired of the gym routine? Bike Glendhu is where it’s at. Waaaay more space and waaay less machine hogs, a season pass is an absolute steal compared to the cost of a gym membership. Dunno about you, but getting your sweat on with THAT view beats doing it in a teeny tiny room any day, especially when there’s one of those glorious sunrises (or sunsets) peeping onto the lake.

Leg day, every day baby.

Two mountain bike riders on Bike Glendhu trail in golden hour overlooking Lake Wanaka and Roy's Peak, NZ

Don’t Forget: Keep That Pass Protected

Sometimes you just can’t plan for the unexpected… and who wants to avoid doing the fun stuff “just in case”? That’s where Pass Protection comes in – it’ll keep you covered for those unexpected moments. Whether it’s an injury that strikes or a medical condition (including pregnancy) that stops you from using your pass, we’ve got your back. Our Pass Protection works on a pro-rata system, meaning that we’ll either provide a full or partial refund, which aligns with the number of days you’ve used your pass.

When you’re buying a season pass (or any of our multi-day passes), add in Pass Protection by clicking the check box before adding it to your Cart. At only $30 for Season Pass Protection, it’s a steal!

Woman riding uphill trail at Bike Glendhu MTB park in Wanaka, NZ

We’re gearing up for an unforgettable season ahead. With the Early Bird Sale, it’d be rude not to indulge. From longer days through to an unreal events lineup all season long, it’s gonna be even more epic. Speaking of events, don’t forget to check out the lineup of the events for the season ahead and lock those dates in. Go on, nab that season pass at the best rate… and we’ll see you out here soon!