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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no such thing as a silly question

As a mountain bike park for all types of riders, we welcome questions big, small and ‘off-camber’ as they say. We’ve done our best to answer the most common conundrums below but feel free to contact our friendly team if we’ve missed anything and we’ll add it to the list.


Heck yes!

Unfortunately not. Parts of the park are still working farm.

Bike Glendhu is currently pedal-only. But our trail gurus have build the ups to be super cruisy, so with a basic level of fitness you’ll be fine! If anything changes we’ll be sure to let you know. Or try out one of our Whyte E-150 S e-bikes! You can get a pass & 4 hour rental for $100 right here!

We sure do. We have trails suitable for capable first timers right through to pros. All our trails are clearly sign- posted so please read the signs and play within your limits – see our ‘Code of Conduct’ here

Our trails were built by the best and flow beautifully. So if you’re on a green or blue, a hardtail is fine. But there are some trails that would be enjoyed best on a full-sus bike. If you want to try one out, visit our rentals team. We also have electric bikes for rent that are a REALLY good time. E-bikes have taken the world by storm, they are our super-shuttle.
Explore more with less puff or just simply do more laps!

If you’re cruising around our green trails then half helmets are fine, but if you feel safer in a full face then by all means please wear one. We don’t have them available to rent however, so you’ll need to bring your own.

We have PHEC (pre-hospital emergency care) trained staff on site. In the first instance call base on 021 BASE 334 (021 227 3334). If you’re out of reception flag someone down or send a mate up to call us. In an emergency only, call 111, then call base.

Check our trail map for mobile dead spots.

We have mechanics on site to tend to our rental fleet. If you have an issue that’s a quick fix, pop by and if they have the time they’re sure to help.  Anything major you’ll need to head back into town where there are ample mechanics ready and willing to help.

Aside from the obvious bike, helmet and sensible shoes, bring a drink bottle or hydration pack, snacks, sunblock, and extra layers – you never know what the weather is going to do out in the hills!
We are single-use plastic free, so you’ll need to bring your own drink bottle, or purchase a re-usable one at Base 334 for $10.
There are water stations and tools around the park – all marked on our trail map.


Bike Glendhu is located at 42 Motatapu Road, 10 mins around the lake from Wānaka, you can find a map here.

Currently you need to make your own way to Bike Glendhu. Either car, taxi (if you are renting bikes) or if you have your own bike and are hard core, you can ride the 17km around the Millennium Trail to the park. Check back later in 2020 for transport updates.

The trails at Bike Glendhu are for bikers only, but Glendhu Bay and Wānaka are full of amazing walking trails. Find out more here.


Glendhu Station (the land that Bike Glendhu is built on) rents out their epic homestead. Big enough for two families and a two minute pedal to the Bike Glendhu Base building? Sounds good to me! Book here.

On the lakefront you will find Glendhu Bay Motor Camp, which has various accommodation options.

And of course, there are many options back in Wānaka.

When you arrive at Glendhu you will arrive in front of Base 334, which houses our tickets and retail areas, plus café, bike rental and toilet facilities. We have a bike wash, ample car parking, pump tracks, plus of course miles of trails for you to enjoy!

Open hours vary across the year depending on light and weather, but you can find the most up-to-date opening hours at the bottom of the homepage.

We are open 10 months of the year, closed during winter when it is too wet and icy to ride. We will typically be closed June and July, but this will depend on the weather.

We will be closed during other days of the year if the weather makes riding trails too dangerous, or for other things like, a pandemic for example…!

We are closed on Christmas Day.

If you are renting a bike or having a lesson then yep, you need to book in advance to ensure we have the right bike and/or coach available for you. But if you have all your own kit, then just turn up and we’ll sort you out with a pass, or you can buy online.