Earth Day 2022 at Bike Glendhu - Bike Glendhu
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Earth Day 2022 at Bike Glendhu

Our Environmental Promise has been a priority for Bike Glendhu long before we opened our trails. We have a long term plan to make the park a native plant oasis and we are constantly working towards our planting promise goal of getting 30,000 native plants in the ground at Bike Glendhu by 2025.

Our Planting Promise

At the beginning of the season, we promised that a percentage of every ticket sale this season would be donated to our planting promise which means that every single one of you who has come out to ride at Bike Glendhu has contributed to our goal of 30,000 plants in the ground by 2025.

This year alone, we’ve been able to donate 817 plants as part of that promise. In addition, we’ve had an amazing amount of support from personal and community donors who have donated funds to planting natives. Thank you all so much for your generous donations and for supporting our vision. If you’d like to donate a native plant, there’s still time! Click here to donate. Even a $2 donation helps bring us closer to our goal.

We’re committed to running the park as sustainably as we can. In addition to our planting promise, we have a range of other initiatives at the park to lessen our impact on the land.

Solar Power

We knew from the beginning we would need to do things differently at Bike Glendhu which included the way we get power. With the help and expertise from the legends at Wanaka Solar, we were able to install 66 solar panels on our roofs and helping us save nearly 3 tonnes of carbon per year from being released into the environment.

Single Use Plastic

Plastic seems to be everywhere and while very few (if any) companies have been able to eliminate plastic all together, we’ve made it a priority to reduce our single-use plastic wherever possible. We don’t sell any single-use water bottles in the cafe and instead, try to encourage riders to bring their own water bottles to refill in the park. You also won’t find any single use takeaway cups, cutlery or boxes in the cafe. Instead, we encourage visitors to bring their own or to enjoy their refreshments in the cafe.

We also avoid unnecessary printing and paper waste. Instead of pocket-sized trail maps, we make sure our signs are well placed at Base and Jack’s and encourage riders to save the map to their phone or use the app Trail Forks.


We try our best to identify ways to reuse in the park but when reusing is out of the question, we work with the legends at Wastebusters to recycle anything we can. In our first short season, we recycled 4.25 cubic metres and surpassed that last year with 14 cubic metres!

We know we are far from perfect but we appreciate all of our customers who have joined us on this journey toward regenerative tourism. If you’d like to get involved and offset your own personal carbon emissions, you can donate a native plant here. Any amount, no matter how small, will help get us one step closer to our goal of 30,000!

If you’re a business looking to offset your carbon emissions, send us an email to to chat about how you can get involved.