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Earth Day 2021 at Bike Glendhu

Living in New Zealand, we know we’ve got it good. Wide-open spaces, glacial rivers, seemingly pristine land. But we all know that no matter how good we look on the outside, there’s still so much work to be done on the ground to help preserve this little slice of heaven we look after.

At the core of Bike Glendhu’s founding philosophies has always been the need to be as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible. We have made it a priority to continually educate ourselves and seek out partners and suppliers to build systems and processes that minimize waste, reuse where possible and recycle everything we can.

So what does a sustainable bike park look like?

Bike Glendhu Planting Scheme

Bike Glendhu has a long term plan to make the park a native plant oasis. We planted 4,500 natives in 2019, contributing to our goal of planting 30,000 on the Bike Glendhu Site by 2025. For Earth Day 2021, we gathered an enthusiastic Bike Glendhu team and tackled over 100 more plants near Jack’s Spot.

These natives will not only help increase the presence of NZ’s famous birdlife and help recover native animal species, but it will also help provide some much-needed shade for tired and dusty bikers during the hot dog days of summer. The trees we planting this year will take a few years to grow but we should start to notice the effects of this year’s planting before too long.

We are always looking to build on this scheme so if you are a business or individual looking for ways to offset your carbon emissions, please get in touch at 

Renewable Energy through Solar Power

Did you know our entire park is run on solar power? This helps us save nearly 3 tonnes of carbon per year from being released into the environment. Does this make things a little more complicated for the park and the café? Sure, sometimes we need to be strategic (shout out to the Velo chefs for taking some early morning shifts to help distribute the power usage) but this means we can take advantage of the big fiery star in the sky to help fuel our bi-wheeled adventures.

Cut Down on Single-Use Plastic and One-Use fliers

We try our best to eliminate single-use plastic where possible. We don’t sell single-use water bottles in our park, which is often an awkward conversation to have with tired and thirsty riders. Instead, we encourage riders to bring their own bottle to fill up throughout the park. We also avoid unnecessary printing and paper waste. You won’t find any pocket-sized trail maps in the park. Instead, we make sure our maps are well placed at Base and Jack’s and encourage riders to save the map to their phone or use the app Trail Forks.

Single-Use Takeaway Cup Ban

Head into Velo and you’ll find some of the finest coffee in town but you won’t find takeaway cups. Enjoy your cuppa in the café or bring your own cup if you’re in a rush. Our team at Velo works with suppliers to eliminate plastic waste and unnecessary packaging and we compost everything we can.


We try our best to identify ways to reuse in the park but when reusing is out of the question, we work with the legends at Wastebusters to recycle anything we can. In our first short season, we recycled 4.25 cubic metres and this season, we’ve already surpassed 14 cubic meters!

We are certainly not perfect but we’ve made a promise to our customers and Bike Glendhu family to continue to learn and grow in order to protect the land for generations to come. If you have an environmental initiative you’d like to propose at Bike Glendhu, get in touch! We’re always interested in hearing how we can make our park better for our community.

Earth Day 2021 at Bike Glendhu Wanaka