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E-bikes – why wouldn’t you?

We had a quick chat to Rick Woodward from Outside Sports about all things e-bike, and why Bike Glendhu is the prime spot for giving one as crack for the first time! 

What were your first impressions of e-bikes back in the day?

Being in the bike industry we are always looking for the next big thing in technology/bikes or kit, so I always followed what was happening in the world of e-bikes with interest.

I am a traditionalist at heart (I collect old bikes), but I also love to see the progression of the bike world – you have to embrace the change! 

Obviously, the early versions were more hardtail/ commuter style with the motor in the rear hub and the battery on the carrier so they balance were all out of whack, but already you could see that if they improved that, e-bikes would take the world by storm.

Were you a hater or an adopter?

We got an e-bike demo-fleet in the shop about 4 years ago, and obviously, it’s important to know what we’re talking about so I took one out for a rip in Sticky Forest with no massive expectations.  

I rode until the battery died and proceeded to ring all my friends and tell them about this absolute game-changer. Safe to say I was not a hater.

Pros and cons?

Pros. Pros pros pros. They far outweigh the cons. 

They have changed the way I think about riding. We live in one of the most epic countries (and towns) in the world, but we also have work and family commitments like everyone else, so to be able to smash out more laps in a lot less time – what’s not to love? 

They’re fun on the ups and the downs. It’s true. You can get further, faster; we used to be able to smash out 8-hour adventures rides in the weekends, but now with e-bikes we can get out on these missions, explore our landscape and be home in time for lunch. 

For example Crown Range to Touhey’s Gully – that used to be an absolute gut-buster. And it still is even on an e-bike, but it’s definitely more achievable and doesn’t take me 8 years to recover.  

E-bikes level the playing field– I can take my Dad out and still have a good time and not worry about his ticker, or having to spend the day waiting around. Sorry, Dad. 

They’re also extending our adventures – a lot of people around here have spent their lives adventuring and have bung hips, knees, backs etc – but they’re not done yet. So e-bikes mean they can still adventure.

Cons – price is an obvious one, but you’re only spending as much as you would on a carbon bike to make it easier to get up the hill so they’re getting closer in price if you look at it from that perspective. Weight is another one but the technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds so I don’t see this as an issue. It’s like swapping from a trail bike to a DH bike, it’s just different. You’re not going to have a bad experience. 

The brand new Whyte ebikes, fresh to the Bike Glendhu Fleet!

Why is Glendhu a good place to give it a try for the first time?

You’ll have a great time on your own bike but it’s phenomenal on an e-bike. 

Glendhu have a fleet of e-bikes for rent and for $100 you can get 4 hours of riding (including your pass). That’s plenty of time for you to get used to the bike, ride a bunch of different trails, plus get up to that epic view. 

It’s achievable on your own bike for sure, but riding Adze Up is actually good fun on an e-bike and gives you plenty of time and lung capacity to take in the view. 

The crew out there are knowledgeable too – they’ll give you all the tips and tricks to make sure you have a good time and get the most out of your ride. 

Future predictions in the world of e-biking?

We’re already selling about 60% e-bikes. I’d say we’ll be selling only e-bikes in 5 years time. 

Every manufacturer is investing in e-bike research and technology so they’re just going to get better and better. It’s bloody exciting.

If you’re keen to try out an ebike, come have a chat to the team at the front desk to grab a rental! You can get an ebike rental and a trail pass for just $100 for four hours of riding. For season pass holders, we are also offering up our Twilight Rentals again this year: from 5pm – 7:30pm, you can hire an ebike for $50. Ebike rentals are subject to availability and are given out first come first serve.