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Before you come:
Sign a waiver (new riders only)
Pack your gloves.
Don’t have gloves? New Giro X Bike Glendhu Gloves have arrived!
Fill up your water bottle.
If you feel unwell, please don’t come!

On arrival:
Park 2m apart.
If there is not enough space, wait in your car until the cars next to you are clear.

At the park:
Ride at 80%.
If you don’t have a ticket but have signed a waiver, pop in to ticketing and grab a pass. The instructions are on the door.
If you visit the café, please sign the contact tracing register.
There is no water at Jack’s Spot.
Rentals are available.

Opening hours are 9am – 6pm.
Last up from base at 5pm
Last up to Falcon’s via Monsoon Hoon at 3pm

UPDATE: 11 MAY, 2020

YUS. Biking.
We will re-open this Thursday (14th) under Level 2.
We will be open from 9am-5pm daily throughout May
and into June – we’ll stay open as long as Mother Nature allows.

The BEST thing you can do to help us keep out systems contactless is to sign a waiver before you arrive at the park.
If you’ve ridden at Glendhu before you’re off the hook – we have you on file.

New riders, sign here:

See you all real soon!

UPDATE: 7 MAY, 2020

After today’s press conference we are gaining clarity on the measures for operating at Level 2.
We will open under Level 2, with the exact date to be confirmed after Monday’s press conference.

We are working on our processes and we’ll keep this page updated with how we will operate in Level 2.

Hopefully see you all soon!

30 April, 2020
An update from John, one of our founders, and Charlie, our MD.

We know you have been gagging to hear if we’ll open at Level 3,
and believe us, we would love to.
The team has been building scenario after scenario
and brainstorming their socks off.

John and Charlie went out to check on the
base building yesterday, and wanted to chat to you directly about
where to from here for Bike Glendhu.

UPDATE: 23 April 2020
Information distributed by the government suggests that it’s unlikely
we will be able to open under level 3.
However, we are in communication with Sport NZ & the
NZ Recreational Council to see if we can operate at any level, whilst maintaining
a safe environment for you guys as well as our staff.

For the health and wellness (and sanity) of our community
we’ll do everything in our power to open in some capacity, if we are able.

UPDATE: 1 April 2020
Bike Glendhu is currently closed to the public until further notice as,
along with the rest of New Zealand, we go into isolation to try and
stop the spread of Coronavirus.

We will keep this page up to date as things progress.
We are currently working through a number of scenarios and
we will update you as soon as we have some clarity on what the
rest of this season will look like.

You can also sign up for email updates here:

A huge thanks to everyone who came out and supported us, bought season passes and coffee,
rode the trails and helped us build an awesome community at Bike Glendhu.

Be excellent to each other. We’ll see you again soon!

Team BG 🤙