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Our Mountain Bike Community

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of Bike Glendhu

What’s going on out at Bike Glendhu



Night riding is a heck of a good time. Due to our location on the globe and long daylight hours, there are two small windows where we can run night riding; September and May.

You’ll need to provide your own lights, and you should bring a backup light (either a head torch or your phone) as there is only the moon to guide you off the hill if your lights go flat. We will have a few sets to rent for $20, get in and book them if you know you need them. We’ll also have some for sale.

Velo cafe will put on some food and provide the good vibes with music, braziers and beer. For season pass holders night riding is included otherwise you can grab tickets on the night for $20 or $15 if you come with a season pass holder.


Every Thursday from April 8th to June 3rd.

Thursday Morning Walking Group

For the non-bikers, this one is for you!
We’re excited to dedicate Thursday mornings to walking to Falcon’s Nest. The walk is limited to the 4WD track only but will take you straight to the top of the mountain for some seriously epic views over Lake Wānaka.
Book online and meet at 7am at gate 1 entry (down the Motatapu Road about 400m past the Bike Glendhu Turnoff).
Dogs are allowed, however, Bike Glendhu is still located on a working farm so all dog owners must bring with them proof of worming certificate signed by a vet. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no flexibility with this so please remember to bring it out with you on Thursdays. No bikes allowed, walking legs only.
Entry is $5 and pre-bookings are required.


XC/ENDURO/DOWNHILL RIDERS UNITE! Time to put aside our differences and unify to celebrate all things two wheeled.
Bike Glendhu is stoked to partner up with the Bike Wanaka Super Series to bring you one final race for the season: The Glendhu Supreme.
Always wanted an excuse to bomb down the entire mountain of Glendhu, from Falcon’s Nest to Base? Here’s your chance.
Registration is open- click here
Date: Saturday May 1st (Weather day: Sunday May 2nd)
Time: Registration at 8am, Race briefing at 8:45 am, race start at 9am (end at 12pm)
We will be racing the full Glendhu Super Loop with a mass Le Mans start, with separate timing/winners for the Up/Down/Full loop. An Uphill, XC and Downhill race combined into one.
Yes that’s right Enduro heads, you don’t have the race UP the hill if you don’t want to. The Super loop consists of: Kākāriki Up, Switch It Up, Adze Up as the uphill, then Baywatch, Jairolla, Fern Berms as the downhill. Combined time will be added for a Super Loop time
Entry Price: $25 to race, included a bacon/veg buttie and cuppa tea and good vibes all around. $15 trail pass for non-season pass holders.
Registration opens on Saturday, April 17th.
The park will be closed to the public from 9am – 12pm.
For more info and to register, click here. 

The Folk Helping Us Bring Biking Dreams To Life

Key Partners

Whyte Bikes

Whyte Bikes are an award-winning British bicycle company with a focus on performance and design. Superb aesthetics combined with the best handling. 

Every Whyte is designed to create a unique chemistry with its rider to let you go faster, further and more comfortably in total confidence.

Whyte were an obvious choice for our rental fleet for many reasons – they’re committed to giving people the best riding experience possible, and have a vested interest in growing the biking community.

Whyte’s NZ base is in Wānaka, meaning the level of service for our rental fleet is second-to-none,  as the Whyte staff frequent the trails on any occasion possible and can often be found in the workshop talking bikes with Alex and the team.

Mons Royale

Designed from the mountains, for the mountains.

Born in Wānaka in 2009, Mons Royale designs performance merino clothing for the mountains. Merino baselayers are breathable, warm, and anti-odour, and with Mons being bold and edgy, suddenly base layers that were purely functional in the past became acceptable for après.

Mons quickly grew beyond winter baselayers to include active apparel for the summer and eventually, a range of mountain bike garments. Today, Mons offers the most comprehensive layering system for your snow sports, high performance bike apparel for your time on two-wheels and merino for the life in between.

Mons used ZQ certified Merino. ZQ stands for a better quality of life. For animals, for our planet and for you. ZQ farmers believe in farming sustainably and live for the ZQ values. Animal Welfare, Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Quality Fibre that is Traceable.

Partnering with Mons is a no-brainer for us. Not only is their gear perfect for the conditions at Glendhu, but having them based just down the road means we have a great relationship and the brands can support one another on many levels.

The Mons team have set up an epic space at the park, so pop in and pick yourself some sweet kit for your biking wardrobe.

All the like-minded folks working with Bike Glendhu

The legends that we support that support us!


When we were dreaming up what our ambassador programme might look like, we knew one thing – we wanted our ambassadors to reflect the community that we have out at Bike Glendhu. They didn’t need to be the best riders, or have the most Instagram followers, they just needed to be good people who care about growing our community, getting more people on bikes and sharing this epic piece of land with like-minded folk.

Conor Macfarlane

Conor is (in his own words) an “alright” rider and (in our words) one of the nicest guys around. He is Queenstown-based but has been a huge supporter of what we are doing out here from the beginning. He’s known for his tricks and flips but actually loves to spend a day on the trail bike pedaling to maintain his fitness. You’ll see him over here from time to time getting his pedal on, and you’ll see his face in a lot of our material. He’s photogenic as.

Phoebe Coers

Wanaka-based Phoebs has also been a long-time supporter of Glendhu, being one of the first out here exploring the hill before there were even trails to ride. She’s lived in Wānaka from about age 12 and since jumping on a DH bike at 15, biking has become a huge part of her life. She’s since switched to racing Enduro and while she loves racing, the thing she loves most about biking is sharing it with mates, experiencing amazing places and meeting rad people.

Rick Woodward

Rick is a mountain biker through and through. He frickin loves it and has ever since he first got on one in 1988. In his own words “Tramping and road cycling were officially over. Hello dirt, mud and scars.” Now he works with bikes all day and every day at Outside Sports. He’s a fan of everything riding and sharing it with the community. He’s spent many a year organising races, fun rides, biking trips, and exploring new trails and terrain, and racing XC like a boss. He’s a huge supporter of Glendhu and giving the biking community here something to get stoked about, ad how fitting that he was the 1990 (or ’91… or ’92… he can’t quite remember) NZ Dual Slalom champ!

If you’re in town and want to hear more about Glendhu, swing by the Outside Sports bike shop and Rick will happily chew your ear off.

Emily Bugg

Emily is ‘stralian. But we don’t hold that against her. She and her husband and two boys moved out here 4 years ago to build a life in the mountains and have quickly become a big part of our Wānaka & Glendhu community. Emily runs Good Roots which supplies Velo with those epic snickers bars, amongst other treats. You’ll find the Bugg-Harris fam out here pretty much every weekend. “Biking has brought me so much joy – I haven’t felt that since I was a kid. It gives me freedom, adrenaline and a real sense of accomplishment as I am forever improving and learning.” Doesn’t get any better than that.

Ash Peters

Known for her loud and infectious giggling, as much as her sweet skills on a bike, American-born Ash can be heard from miles away, which is rather helpful when bringing people together!  As the founder of WORD, a non profit youth MTB organisation, she quite possibly has the best job in the whole world. Ash has been integral to the development of the NZ MTB Instructor Qualifications over the years and travels around Aotearoa to train and assess mountain bike instructors. She was put her on this planet to bring some sunshine, we’re just lucky it comes in the form of mountain biking and baked goodies.

Miguel Porteous

A professional skier, Miguel has recently rekindled the love for mountain biking he had as a kid. He believes there is a lot of cross-over with the ski and bike frame of mind and is keen to use his profile to encourage more skiers to get back on their bikes by coming and sampling the flow trails at Glendhu. Miguel, born in bred in Wānaka is passionate about the place and thinks everyone should visit and sample the mountains and epic landscapes, whether it be on skis, on a bike, or just viewing from a beanbag with one of our local brews in hand.

Lottie Haskell

Lottie, like a lot of Wānaka residents, is a skier first. But like many of us, quickly realised that if she didn’t get stuck into biking then she might not see a lot of her friends in the summer months. She got a bike, did a Mission WOW skills course and hasn’t looked back since. Fitness is a big part of Lottie’s life so if you bump into her at the summit it’s likely she’s ridden out from town along the millennium track first! She loves riding with her girl-gang and is a massive advocate for getting more females on bikes.

Braden Currie

Braden is a world champion multi-sport athlete based in Wānaka.

Braden has a number of accolades to his name, but the ultimate endurance race on the planet, Kona, is his current focus.

You’ll find the Curries out here  often, enjoying some down time and the beauty of Glendhu as a family.

Find out more about Braden’s impressive career.