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Your mountain biking safety guide

Bike Glendhu Code of Conduct

Stay in control!

That way you can stay on the bike where you belong, and safely avoid others who might be taking it at a more leisurely pace.

Pass with care – give them a shout! And if someone is behind you, pop to the side and let ‘em fly by.

Know your limits – if you aren’t sure which trails are for you, chat to someone at the base. They love giving advice.

Closing time – make sure you leave enough time to get down before closing so we don’t have to send out a search party. If you’re new to the park, check with one of the crew on timings (and distances are marked on the signs).


Respect the trails

If it’s closed its closed! It probably means someone is down there fixing and improving, so best you leave them to it.

Don’t cut corners or make new lines. We love our trails the way they are.

Stay on the trails unless at a natural stopping point (or pulling over for someone to pass).

Don’t ride down the access tracks/roads – these are for emergencies and maintenance teams.


Be prepared

Give your bike a quick once over using our bike check (at the bottom of this page) before heading out.

Carry water, snacks, warm clothes & sunblock.

Familiarise yourself with the emergency procedure, water points and tools. Everything you need to know is in the waiver, at the hub building, and on our trail maps. Or ask at the ticket desk – they know everything.

Check the weather (or ask one of our team) before heading out.


Safety first

There is cell-service across most of the park, but not all of it. Dead spots are marked on the trail map. And remember, familiarise yourself with the emergency procedure which you can find at base and outlined on the trail maps. If you’re not sure, ask one of the team.

If you see any hazards, please report them so we can fix ‘em up and keep everyone riding safely.

Report all accidents big or small. Stop by the tickets or rentals on the way out and they’ll log it for ya.

Fire is probably one of our biggest risks, so please – don’t smoke. And if you see anything at all that looks like it might be a worry – high-tail it down to base and let us know.

Read more about Park Safety here.


Look after our hill

Please take your rubbish with you, or dispose of it down at the base. If it’s recyclable or re-usable please recycle or re-use! There are toilets for you; please use them.


Bike checklist

  • Check tire pressure
  • Check brakes and brake levers
  • Wipe down fork stanchions & rear shock
  • Clean & lube your chain
  • Check wheels for tightness
  • Check quick release tension
  • Check shift-levers and derailleurs