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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Mountain Bikers

What’s your 2024 New Year’s resolution? If the mere mention of that question causes you to roll your eyes or laugh as you reflect on your failed 2023 resolution, then it’s probably time to start recalibrating how you look at this whole “new year, new me” thing.

There’s evidence to suggest that people were making New Year’s resolutions as early as the 17th century, and you can pretty much bet that those same people have been breaking them every year since then as well – so consider yourself in good company.

So, this year, instead of falling back on your old standby resolutions, why not make it about your bike? Try to think of it not as something that you have to do, but more just something that you’d like to do. Challenge yourself with these six New Years resolutions for mountain bikers.



If we had a dollar for every time something broke down trailside that we didn’t know how to fix, we’d have about $10. But that’s ten times that we’ve had to make the long and somewhat humiliating walk back down to Base with a flat tire, a broken hub or the like.

A machanic reaches for a tool at Bike Glendhu

So why not make it your resolution to get to know the entire anatomy of your bike? How does everything work, how do you clean and dry it properly, what can be fixed trailside and what requires a mechanic’s touch?

And for those fixes that just aren’t at-home jobs, pop into the Bike Glendhu workshop for a range of service options. And if you have any questions on your bike-anatomy-enlightenment, feel free to ask our crew; they’d be happy to pass on their knowledge.

A mechanic works at Bike Glendhu



Stay with us here, but what if you ventured away from MTB in 2024 and tried a new discipline? Now don’t get too carried away – we’re not suggesting becoming a full-blown road cyclist (so just put the lycra away). But why not give XC a go? Or the “so-hot-right-now” gravel riding?

Gravel biking

Mixing up your discipline is good for you and your mountain bike. For you, it’s a great way to give your cardio fitness a boost and depending on the discipline, could allow you to target your exercise intensity better. Other disciplines are also arguably more accessible that mountain biking, meaning you can pop out your front door for a quick ride instead of driving to the trails.

For your bike, less time on it can mean less maintenance. With fewer bits of grit, your steed is less likely to break down (which could negate our first suggested resolution).



Maybe you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching all your MTB mates race. Set yourself a resolution of showing up for an MTB event! It could be something lo-fi to get into the headspace, like the Bike Wanaka Super Series or Cardrona Bike Park’s Fast Fridays.

The POC Glenduro event at Bike Glendhu.


Or you could really step it up and try the POC Glenduro happening March 9, 2024 at Bike Glendhu or even the BGXC slated for April 21, 2024!

If jumps are your thing, we’ve also got the Midpoint Jump Jam returning February 24, 2024!

Midpoint Jump Jam at Bike Glendhu.

Signing up for and competing in an MTB event will reinforce a training schedule as well as give you the confidence that you can compete in a field of other passionate mountain bikers.



While signing up for an event and training is a great way to build up your fitness, you can also set a personal goal for yourself. We highly suggest setting a goal that is quantitative – something you can measure. This is important for tracking your progress and it’s often why New Year’s resolutions tend to slide; there’s sometimes no measure in place to tell you that you’ve done it!

Some of our suggestions include, riding up to Falcon’s Nest ten times in a season, riding all of Bike Glendhu’s trails in a day or maybe even riding all the way from Wanaka town to the top of Bike Glendhu and back. If you’re feeling extra-motivated, we even wrote a blog about how you can Everest Bike Glendhu.

Casey Brown rides to the top of Bike Glendhu

Whatever goal you set for yourself, write it down and put it in a place where you can see it. That way, you’re reminded everyday of what you’re working towards.



This one is for those who are passionate about dirt. At Bike Glendhu, we’re constantly building new trails – we’re at 40km of tracks and counting!

Trail builders at Bike Glendhu

So maybe your New Year’s resolution is to build a new trail! Well, there are a few places to start. Keep an eye out for Bike Wanaka dig nights. You can also come volunteer at Bike Glendhu. Reach out to us to learn more about how to get involved.



You know the one. We all have that one trail that haunts us. We’ve looked down into it about a million times, thought about dropping in but we’ve never quite been able to muster up the courage to do it.

Casey Brown rides a rock roll at Bike Glendhu

In 2024, ride the trail that’s been dodging you. Work your up to it with some trail progression tips from Bike Glendhu and if there’s features on it that you know might trip you up, practice them on other trails. You can practice jumps on a number of trails at Bike Glendhu, or hit up Lismore Jump Park. With tech, it’s all about bike handling, so work your way up by mastering Rocky Borrow Show, Methane Train, Dark Matter, The Abyss (our newest black) and finally, the Black Pearl at BG.

Mountain biker on rock roll at Bike Glendhu

Here’s to 2024 and all your MTB resolutions. We’ll see you at BG!

And hey, if your resolution is to be more organized, make sure you book your rentals, shuttles and trail passes in advance at Bike Glendhu. You can do this right here on our website, click here.