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What’s going on at Bike Glendhu this winter

The gates may be closed but even in mid-winter, it’s all go here at Bike Glendhu. After an amazing closing weekend, capping off another unpredictable (but epic!) season, we closed the park and got straight to work prepping and preparing for the 2022 / 2023 season. While most of Wanaka is in full-blown snow mode, our team is working hard behind the scenes with just one thing in mind: Opening Day 2022.

Keen to give your eyes a rest from all the snow content right now? Check out what’s going on at Bike Glendhu this winter. 

Trail Maintenance and Updates

Winter presents a unique challenge for the Bike Glendhu trail team: an empty park with seemingly heaps of opportunity to get trail maintenance done but with the added barrier of working with frozen ground. The team is constantly assessing the conditions and working with the elements to make sure the to-do list is cleared before opening day. 

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High on the priority, this winter is keeping the drains cleared of silt after rain and snow to ensure sections of the trail don’t get washed out. Water that sits on a trail can cause massive long-term damage so our trail team is constantly working to ensure the drainage pipes are performing as designed to help minimise trail erosion


In addition to maintaining the drainage systems, the trail team is also hard at work on the weed whackers. Sure, it might not be the most exciting of jobs but cutting back vegetation but staying on top of new growth is a quick way to immensely improve the quality of a trail. Weed whacking helps open up the field of vision while riding and can improve line visibility, all of which leads to a smoother ride. 

In trail development, Dirt Dynamics are building two new trails off Monsoon Hoon that we are very excited to share with riders at the park. One blue tech/flow trail similar to Rocky Borrow Show, and a black trail with some tech riding in the natives then out into the open. Our maintenance crew will help finish these come spring. Stay tuned for opening dates for these trails. Want to be the first to know about new trails coming this season? Sign up for our mailing list for the latest park news and exclusive deals!

As if they didn’t already have heaps on their plate, the trail team is also working on maintaining and improving the 4WD track to Jack’s Spot so it’s ready for Van Shuttles come September. 

Once the ground starts to thaw a bit more in mid-August, our expanding trail crew will be working hard to groom every trail in the park and work on new ones for the summer ahead. 

Irrigation Improvements 

This summer we put a total of 780 plants in the ground and the team will be checking on these to ensure they get all the attention they need to grow into native forest. Fertilizing and setting up irrigation will be a major focus for the maintenance crew. They will also be identifying the best areas for next year’s planting scheme and setting up irrigation for the planting zones that don’t have a natural water source. 


All of our native planting efforts count towards our Planting Promise of getting 30,000 native plants in the ground at Bike Glendhu by 2030. You can donate a plant if you want to help support our planting promise. 

Bike Maintenance:

The Workshop Team is working hard in the off-season to prepare our rental bike fleet for the coming season. During peak season, our bikes and e-bikes are hired out every day and after a lot of use, they all need a good tune-up before opening weekend.

All of our bikes in our rental fleet get disassembled, cleaned and serviced. The forks and rear shocks are also getting serviced and new wheel bearings are being put into the wheels. When all of the components have had a good inspection from our mechanics, the bikes are detailed and deemed ready to roll.


Thanks to everyone who purchased their Price Freeze Early Bird Pass last month! If you missed out, we’ll be dropping our Early Bird Passes August 1st! Check back on our Trail Passes in Early August to grab your pass for 9 months of riding!