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10 Badass Women MTB Riders To Have On Your Radar

There’s a lot of chat out there about mountain biking being a male-dominated world… And we’re here to kick that story to the curb! Mountain biking is quickly becoming popular amongst riders of all genders and we’re here to highlight some of the badass riders who stick it to the status quo.

We’ve broken this down into different categories to highlight the international pros and national heroines, as well as grassroots champions who contribute to our local communities. We thought it best to hit this from multiple angles so that you can find inspo regardless of your skill level, preferred discipline and thirst for riding.

One last note before we dive in; it was a mighty challenge to curate the names featured in here, and this blog is by no means a definitive list of “top” female riders. If we weren’t running a bike park on the side, we’d probably turn this into a novel.

Here goes!



Ash Peters

IG: @ashlikesbikes

Ashley Peters is the “sparkplug, champagne personified, smiley face on wheels” who’s taking the New Zealand mountain biking scene by storm! Since 2005, Ash has been on a mission to help others enjoy the thrill of mountain biking, and she’s done it in style. As the founder of WORD, a non-profit youth mountain bike organization, she’s built a massive community of riders who embrace adventure and have a blast while doing it. With over 1,000 rangatahi riding with her every year, 80 instructors and 40 assistant instructors across Wellington, Wānaka, and Christchurch, you know you’re in good hands. So if you’re looking for a fun and relaxed way to get into mountain biking, Ash is your gal!

Ash Peters Mountain Biking


Bri Lobb

IG: @brianna.layn

Meet Bri – a sports enthusiast who grew up playing everything from soccer to track and field. But at 25, she decided to spice things up and try something new – mountain biking! She bought a bike, hit the trails every day, ate dirt, fell and crashed (a lot), but she never gave up. She even hired a coach and trained hard, leading to her earning the UCI elite-level status in mountain biking after just two seasons of competing! When she’s not tearing up the mountain, Brianna loves skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and basically anything that involves the great outdoors! Bri is an avid member of our local MTB community, working as a coach and continuously creating events to help the community thrive. Go Bri, we say!

Bri Lobb Mountain Biking



Vinny Armstrong

IG: @vinnysarmstrong

Have you heard of Vinny, the freeride queen? Well now you have and you can thank us later… Vinny is an absolute shredder on the bike and is making waves in the scene. With multiple Crankworx Whip-Off wins under her belt and epic line-building and riding skills showcased at Red Bull Formation in Utah, Vinny’s a force to be reckoned with. She fearlessly crushes whatever comes her way and her bright future has got everyone talking. We consider ourselves pretty damn lucky to have Vinny featured in our latest hero video, which you can watch (and re-watch over and over) here. We can’t wait to see what she brings to the global stage this season – watch out world, Vinny’s coming in hot!

Vinny Armstrong Mountain biking


Robin Goomes:
IG: @robin_riding_hood

Say hey to Robin Goomes – the biking sensation from New Zealand who’s killing it on the mountain biking scene! With wins at the Crankworx Innsbruck Whip-Off and 4th place in Speed & Style, where she did the first-ever backflip by a woman in a Crankworx competition (and not just one, but six!), Robin is making us Kiwis country-proud. Keep your eyes on this biking maverick because she’s just getting started!

Robin Goomes


Harriet Burbidge-Smith

IG: @haznationbikes

Technically Harriet is from Australia, but as she’s living in Queenstown currently, so we’ve decided to claim her! Harriet is the ultimate trailblazer who was born to shred! Whether she’s sending it off massive sets of stairs, dodging trees, or blowing minds on the competition circuit, this gal is an absolute bike-riding machine. With two World Championship titles and eight Australian Championship wins under her belt, she’s a legit legend in the game.

Harriet first fell in love with BMX at the ripe age of four and spent nearly two decades racing and winning. But when she couldn’t find the creative fulfillment she craved, she switched her focus to MTB and never looked back. With her fearless spirit and unwavering commitment to her craft, Harriet is a true inspiration to riders everywhere.

Harriet Burbidge-Smith



Casey Brown

IG: @casey_brown_

Meet Casey, the outdoor-loving Kiwi gal who grew up wrangling sheep and riding horses on a massive 300-acre farm in New Zealand. When her family moved to Revelstoke, BC, Casey’s love for outdoor adventures evolved, and she started competing in skiing and snowboarding. But her true passion was ignited when her pro-rider brother introduced her to mountain biking, and she found herself hooked! Fast forward to 2011, and Casey’s talent shone bright, finishing 2nd at the Canadian Championships and 16th worldwide. She continued to dominate, taking out the Queen of Crankworx title in 2014 and snagging 2nd place in 2015 and 2016. With a fire in her belly and a thirst for more adventure, Casey is a pillar in the scene and an epic inspiration.

Casey Brown


Kalani Muirhead:
IG: @ kalani_muirhead

At just 17 years young, Kalani is already a downhill rider and racer with a need for speed. She’s been riding bikes since she was little, and she’s got the skills to prove it. Kalani’s dad races too, so you could say biking is in her blood. She started racing downhill in 2017 and fell head over wheels in love with the thrill of competition. Enduro racing? She’s all about that too

With her talent and passion, Kalani is sure to be a rising star in the biking world for years to come. Keep an eye out for her on the trails – she’ll be the one leaving everyone else in her dust!



Tahnée Seagrave

IG: @tahneeseagrave

Tahnee Seagrave is the ultimate downhill mountain biking star! She has been shredding since 2007 and has quickly making a name for herself in the industry. Her lifelong dream is to become a world champ, and with the way she’s been crushing it lately, that dream might just become a reality! Together with her little bro, Kaos, they founded their very own racing team called ‘Follow My Dream’ – how sick is that?

Some of Tahnee’s most impressive accomplishments include snagging the top spot in the Elite category at the 2013 IXS European Cup, taking home the 2012 DH Junior World Cup, and nailing 2nd place at the 2012 Junior DH World Championships. Born on June 15th, 1995, in South London, Tahnee and her fam moved to Morzine, France when she was only eight years old. Even though she’s younger than most of her competitors, this girl can seriously hold her own on the track. Tahnee has worked with a ton of different companies over the years to make her dreams come true and be the best athlete she can be. Keep your eyes peeled for this girl because she’s definitely one to watch!

Tahnée Seagrave


Hannah Bergeman (USA)

IG: @hannahbergemann

Introducing Hannah Bergemann, the rock star of mountain biking who’s been shredding it up in both slopestyle and freeride. This Oregon native is a force to be reckoned with, dazzling audiences at the Red Bull Formation competition with her insane skills. When she’s not busy crushing it on her bike, she’s all about exploring the great outdoors and living life to the fullest. Hannah’s love for action sports began with freestyle skiing, but it was mountain biking that stole her heart and made her an unstoppable force. She’s constantly pushing herself to the limit, chasing that adrenaline rush and perfecting new tricks. Watch out world, because Hannah Bergemann is taking the biking scene by storm!

Hannah Bergeman


Veronique Sandler

IG: @veroniquesandler

Let’s introduce you to the one and only Veronique Sandler, AKA Vero! This lady boss used to dominate the World Cup racing scene, but decided to swap out her racing leathers for a looser and more casual look to pursue her love for carving those epic loamy turns. Her freeride skills and creative flair not only helped her produce the first-ever pay-per-view feature-length MTB film, VISION, with a leading lady no less, but she’s also been killing it in various films, videos, and international competitions. With her trophy collection boasting the 2017 Wide Open Mag comp at Hopton Wafers, it’s clear that Vero’s got some serious game. If you’re looking for some inspiration to level-up your MTB game, look no further than this powerhouse of a woman!

Veronique Sandler


Vaea Verbeeck

IG: @vaeaverbeeck

Moving onto our 11th guest on the blog (we’ve added a bonus because 10 names was too much of a squeeze) Vaea, the former sports enthusiast turned adrenaline junkie on two wheels! Once an all-around athlete with a love for skiing, snowboarding, and gymnastics, she discovered the thrill of downhill mountain biking at 17 and never looked back. Hooked on the excitement, Vaea dedicated herself to downhill racing after her first World Cup race in 2011. But she didn’t stop there – in 2018, she shifted her focus to Crankworx racing events and found even more excitement and inspiration on different bikes in different mountain biking disciplines. Off the track, Vaea’s passion for nature, healthy living, and environmental practices shines through. She’s always striving to be the best version of herself and hopes to inspire others to do the same. And we’re all about that!

Vaea Verbeeck


Shout out to all the epic women who are making moves and contributing to the mountain bike industry with their talent, care, and flair. We see you and we’re fist-pumping for all of you!

If you’re feeling inspired and like you want to nurture your riding skills and make news connections in the scene, come and get amongst any of our social events held throughout the season. Check out our event calendar here.