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The location in the making

Bike Glendhu will be located by stunning Glendhu Bay, just ten-minutes' drive around the lake from Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand.

Our network of trails will wind their way over 1000 hectares of epic landscape, with remarkable views looking back over the bay and beyond. Keep an eye out for updates and come along for the ride.

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Born to share

Riding the line between lake and mountainscape, Glendhu was born to be tackled by two-wheeled explorers. And to make damn sure it will be shared by all who are willing to earn it, our ethos is quite simple.

Born to ride

We are a community of riders from all levels that share tips, quips and a cold brew after an awesome day. We are locals who will proudly share our spectacular turf with bikers from near and far. We will borrow and blend with our good friend Mother Nature, ensuring Bike Glendhu will continue to be shared for generations to come.

And we're all for you sharing an Insty or two – no filter required.


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